• Outlast Technology

    Outlast Technology

    Are you tired of getting chilled after you stop physical activity? Are you tired of having different clothes for every season?

    MyKool is your solution. Our ‘Four Seasons–1 Apparel’ (TM) technology allows you to be comfortable in any climate. Using NASA-developed technology by Outlast® our products provide the benefit of proactive temperature regulation  that manage heat and moisture. Managing temperature, heat, and moisture our customers can feel “not too hot, not too cold, but just right”®!

  • Space Age Technology

    Space Age Technology

    MyKool with Outlast® technology uses space-age technology to keep you cool when it is hot, and warm when it is cool. This eliminates a need for clothing for different seasons. We thought this was too good to be true as well–so we had Outlast® prove it! If this out of the world technology worked for NASA, image what it can do for you. Click the button below to learn more!

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  • Infrared


    Infrared imaging proves that MyKool with Outlast® technology reduces your heat signature. Outlast® technology is different: It proactively buffers temperature swings to prevent sweating. Wicking technologies are reactive requiring the user to sweat and become uncomfortable before receiving any benefit. MyKool with Outlast® technology delays the onset of sweat.

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Performance Apparel by MyKool

Are you tired of having a summer and winter wardrobe, sick of pop culture’s attempt to make you COOL, and have a demanding lifestyle? Then you need to transition to Performance Sports Apparel by MyKool.

Welcome to MyKool where the ordinary becomes EXTRORDINARY. Here at MyKool, we’ve taken ordinary shirts, and designed them with exacting industry standards. Our extraordinary performance sports apparel is designed by professionals for professionals, and utilizes space-age technology to help moderate your skin’s temperature. Active lifestyles and outdoor professionals have long struggled with striking a balance between too many and too few layers. MyKool solves that problem by providing three shirts in one. First, they provide microclimate (against your skin) comfort by absorbing your body heat and storing it within the fabric, then releasing it back to your body as you cool. This keeps your body temperature within a comfort range of 3 degrees. Secondly, they provide moisture wicking that moves sweat away from your body so it can evaporate. Thirdly, our shirts have antimicrobial properties that keep that shirt left in your locker from becoming the thing that gets your gym membership revoked. Finally, our shirts are custom designed to provide professionals and athletes alike with a longer tail, cuffs, and collar. You’ll find MyKool PCM great as a year-round base layer or find their stylishness appropriate for outer wear. MyKool Performance Sports Apparel will SOON offer an industrial line that meets current NFPA flame retardant standards.


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